SAMBA: Self-Healing Thermal Barrier Coatings for Prolonged Lifetime


Funded by European Union, 7th Framework Programme, Project number 309849



Ceramic thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are applied on the most critical parts of engines exposed to a high-temperature environment, allowing operation beyond the melting point of the structural components and, simultaneously, extending the lifetime of these components. TBCs were initially used in aero-engine parts, but new fields of application are appearing in other fields where it is necessary to improve thermal management and enhance fuel efficiency.

The engines concerned are used primarily for propulsion of aircrafts, ships, submarines, and for generation of electrical power. Their operation relies on the reliability of critical components, which are covered with a TBC. Failure of the TBC results in accelerated degradation of the critical component (e.g. blades or vanes) and ultimately in shut down of the engine.



The new innovative self-healing TBC will significantly prolong the lifetime of critical components, as the current TBCs do not exhibit any self-repair. The SAMBA project aims to extend the lifetime of TBCs with at least 20-25 %. This self-healing TBC will lead to a reduction of the number of replacements during a gas turbine engine lifetime and offer prime reliant functionality of the coated parts.



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