SAMBA was actively presented by TU Delft at the International Conference on Self Healing Materials (ICSHM) in Ghent, Belgium between 16 and 20 June 2013.

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The project started with a formal kick-off meeting at 14 and 15 March 2013. All partners as well as the Project technical Assistant to the European Commission,  were present. This two-day event was dedicated to technical discussions on the first year planning as well as team building and managerial issues such as deciding on the members of the Steering Committee and the first decisions taken. It was decided that in the coming months more detailed technical specifications were to be defined for the TBC system, characteristics of the particles and volumes of stock and testing cycles.

The second project meeting was held at partner FZ- Juelich in Germany to discuss progress over the first months of the project in order to prepare for the first cycle testing and specifications of the TBC system. All partners were present and the team feels the project is well on its way according to scheduled tasks and developments.